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Random thoughts on Flash Remoting:

This is where I get to ramble when I feel like it. Kind of like a blog, but it's not a blog. This is a blog. ;-).

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Friday, April 02, 2004 11:38:04 PM

I just got through the first day of TODCON and it was a blast. Ray West always puts on a great conference that's different from a lot of other conferences due to its smaller, more friendly atmosphere. At the end of a TODCON, everyone knows each other. The speakers are all top-notch as well.

Most of the Flash sessions were today, because many of the speakers had to head out to Flash in the Can the next day. The morning session was by Tom Green on telling a story. He made the point that a web site has to tell a story to be successful and make the story relevant to the end user in order to keep them interested in the experience of the site. Next, I sat in on 3 of Joey Lott's sessions. Joey is an excellent presenter and has great knowledge of his subject. His second session was on data access through Flash and dealt with the different methods available, from LoadVars and XML to Flash Remoting. He showed the parsing required in Flash to do the same operations in LoadVars, XML, and Flash Remoting, and showed how easy Flash Remoting is compared to the other methods of bringing data into Flash. Basically, you load the data and use it as opposed to parsing or serializing/deserializing the data. He touched on web services briefly, but also mentioned that Flash Remoting is probably the best way to deal with web services in Flash if you have access to a server that has Flash Remoting available. I agree with this also. The last presentation of the day was by Stephanie Sullivan on building a site from design to completion, and was informative to me because it dealt with areas that I am lacking in.

I'm presenting tomorrow on ColdFusion custom tags and on Sunday I'm doing a presentation on moving database operations out of the web application and into the database.

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