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Random thoughts on Flash Remoting:

This is where I get to ramble when I feel like it. Kind of like a blog, but it's not a blog. This is a blog. ;-).

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Trace for RecordSet

Thursday, June 19, 2003 1:16:57 PM

One of the questions I see over and over again is "how do I see the recordset result in Flash?" When a developer returns a recordset to the Flash movie, there is no simple way to trace the results. You can view in the NetConnection debugger, but the simple method below will output the RecordSet to the trace window, including the length, fieldnames, and contents:

// Recordset.showData
// Purpose: trace the contents of the RecordSet object to the
// trace window

Recordset.prototype.showData = function() {
  var fields = this.getColumnNames();
  var i,j,tempfield="",temprow="",temprec="";
  trace("--Recordset Properties--");
  trace("Recordset length: " + this.getLength());
  trace("Fields: " + fields);
  trace("Begin records...");
  for (var i = 0; i<this.getLength(); i++) {
    temprec = this.getItemAt(i);
    for(var j=0; j < fields.length; j++){
      tempfield = fields[j];
      temprow += tempfield + ': "' + temprec[tempfield] + '"; ';
  trace("End records...");
  trace("--End Recordset Properties--");

You can call it like this:


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New design

Tuesday, June 17, 2003 7:06:34 PM

After suffering through my old Flash-Remoting site design, I've decided to upgrade the look a bit. A big thanks to Angela Buraglia for the concept and logo design, and much help with the implementation.

New content will be on the way as the book is published late in the summer, including all examples from the book.

If anyone has any problems with the pages not displaying properly, please send an email to me at the link at the bottom of the page.

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Bug in DataGrid

Friday, June 06, 2003 9:59:27 PM

This is an old item, but still comes up in the newsgroups, so I'll make a note of it here. There is a bug in the DataGrid implementation from DRK 1. If you add a DataGrid to your page and you find that it displays nothing but blank results, you are seeing the bug. The workaround is this: Open the library of your .fla. Navigate to Flash UI Components / Component Skins / Global Skins /. Select the skin called FLabel and delete it from the Library. The dialog will come up asking if you're sure. There will be a checkbox prompting to Delete symbol instances. Make sure this checkbox is not checked then click OK. Add another DataGrid from the Components panel to the stage. A dialog will come up asking you to replace existing components. Do this, and then delete the grid from your stage. At this point, the bug should be squashed and you should be able to see the results in your original DataGrid.

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TODCON files

Friday, June 06, 2003 1:58:05 PM

I'm back from TODCON now, which has evolved from a Dreamweaver-oriented conference into a more rounded conference with everything from CSS and web standards to Flash and ColdFusion to JSP integration with ColdFusion. All of the speakers did a fabulous job and I was able to meet some of the top names in the industry. I've posted my files for the Flash Remoting 101 presentation that I did at http://www.flash-remoting.com/flashremoting101/. Christian Cantrell (http://www.markme.com/cantrell/) did a session on more advanced Flash Remoting which I unfortunately had to miss while finalizing my other presentations. I did catch part of his session on the DRK 3, which contains a pretty impressive Flash Remoting application for RSS feeds. I'll definitely have to check that out when the DRK goes on sale to non-Devnet members. http://www.macromedia.com/go/drk

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Saturday, May 31, 2003 10:39:38 PM

I'm off to TODCON tomorrow for a beginner's session on Flash Remoting (Flash Remoting 101), as well as a couple of Dreamweaver sessions. Other Flash sessions include Firefly: The Flash Data Connection Kit by Raul Hayes, OOP ActionScripting by Branden Hall, and Flash Remoting 201 by Christian Cantrell. If it is anything like previous TODCONs, it will be time well-spent. The TODCON conferences pack more information and more value for the money than any other conferences I've ever been to.

Other news: a Flash Remoting article of mine for beginners just went up at Community MX. The site is a subscription service, but there is a free trial available. Check it out at http://www.communitymx.com

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